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Pastoral Care

Hospital Ministry – Daily Eucharistic ministry to all Catholic patients of Billings Clinic Hospital.

Funeral Lunch Ministry – Choose to help provide food for a funeral luncheon or help with set up and clean up for a luncheon after the funeral.

Eucharistic Minister for the Sick and Homebound – Brings weekly Eucharist to the homes of those who are unable to attend Mass.

Homebound Bus Service – Each driver will drive the St. Patrick Homebound bus over a designated route once each month as well as call to see who will be riding that day. Driver’s assistant helps load and unload the bus once each month. Parishioners may call Don Vanica at 259-3389 to schedule the bus service.

Hospitality – Set up, prepare and serve coffee and donuts once each month after Sunday morning Mass. Hospitality is offered each Sunday after 8:00 and 10:30a.m. Masses.

Liturgical Support – Serve as Mass Coordinator once each month. Ensure that all scheduled servers have arrived or find substitutes for the open positions.

  • Serve as Sacristan once each month. Prepare the church for Mass and clean up after Mass.
  • Serve as Lector of the Word once each month. Proclaim the Word of God to the congregation during Mass.
  • Serve as Eucharistic Minister once or twice each month.

Funeral Planning – The family will meet and prepare a funeral liturgy with the funeral director.

Annulments – Meet with pastoral care to discuss and prepare for an annulment.