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  1. Deborah Ligget Bookkeeping
  2. Doris Choriki, Stephen Ministry
  3. Fr. John Houlihan, Hospital/Jail Ministry
  4. Fr. Robert Grosch, Pastor
  5. Jan Wood, Director of Liturgy and Music
  6. Margery Chansler, Administrative Assistant/Bulletin
  7. Mary Gilluly DRE/SPY Youth MinisterDRE/ Youth Minister (SPY)
  8. Rosie Schuff, Maintenance
  9. Sr. Jeanne Tranel, R.C.I.A.

Fr. Robert Grosch, Pastor,

Fr. John Houlihan, Hospital/Jail Ministry,

Sr. Jeanne Tranel, R.C.I.A.,

Jan Wood, Director of Liturgy and Music,

Margery Chansler, Administrative Assistant/Bulletin,

Deborah Ligget, Bookkeeping,

Mary Gilluly, RED/ Youth Minister(SPY),

Rosie Schuff, Maintenance/Building Supervisor/Security

B.J. Sletta, Annulments,



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