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Saint Patrick Youth (SPY)


The Rosary Launch went off without a hitch on Wednesday, October 11th.  Many of our children and youth were here to help. They watched with amazement as the Rosary of 58 (one popped) balloons rose into the sky.  We had attached a note to the cross asking whoever found it if they would give us a call and let us know where it landed.

On Thursday morning, Mary received a message from a very sweet woman who found the Rosary in Danbury, SK, Canada—650 miles away. It touched her so much that she rushed to the general store in Danbury and used their phone to call us!  She found it at 7:30 a.m.  She had left a phone number, so Mary called back and a very nice gentleman answered the phone and told her that the Rosary had indeed landed in their town and that they were as amazed as we were that it traveled so far.  It went exactly the opposite way the wind was suppose to blow that evening.

According to one of our Catechist’s calculations, our Rosary traveled at an average speed of above 53 mph!

How cool is that?




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